0 Simply The Best      Tina Turner  Prime
1 Radar Love  Golden Earring  The Billy’s
2 Paradise By The Dashboard Light  Meat Loaf 100% Katoen 
3 Music       John Miles  Made4Made
4 Child In Time   Deep Purple Deep White 
5 Mother Earth        Within Temptation  Prime
6 November Rain         Guns N’ Roses  The Billy’s
7 Purple Rain  Prince 100% Katoen 
8 Whole Lotta’ Rosie   AC/DC  Made4Made
9 Live And Let Die   Guns N’ Roses Deep White 
10 R U Kiddin’Me       Anouk  Prime
11 Stairway To Heaven        Led Zeppelin  The Billy’s
12 Comfortably Numb   Pink Floyd 100% Katoen 
13 Angels  Robbie Williams  Made4Made
14 Smoke On The Water  Deep Purple Deep White 
15 Proud Mary        Ike & Tina Turner  Prime
16 Turn The Page   Bob Seger  Present danger
17 Streets  Kensington The Billy’s
18 Goodnight Saigon   Billy Joel 100% Katoen 
19 Silent Lucidity  Queensryche  Made4Made
20 Smells Like Teen Spirit   Nirvana Deep White 
21 Bring Me To Life     Evanescence  Prime
22 Du Hasst           Rammstein  The Billy’s
23 Jeanny  Falco   100% Katoen 
24 Ace Of Spades  Motörhead  Made4Made
25 Merry Xmas Everybody   Slade   Deep White 
26 I Love Rock And Roll    Joan Jett  Prime
27 Narcotic            Liquido  The Billy’s
28 Nobody’s Wife (leadzang Encore)   Anouk 100% Katoen 
29 Still Of The Night  Whitesnake  Made4Made
30 Don’t Stop Believing  Journey Deep White 
31 Barracuda         Heart  Prime
32 Nothing Else Matters    Metallica  Present danger
33 Master Of Puppets    Metallica  Present danger
34 Enter Sandman   Metallica   Present danger
35 One    Metallica  Present danger
36 The Memory Remains    Metallica  Present danger
37 Stil In Mij           Van Dik Hout   The Billy’s
38 Sweet Caroline  Neil Diamond 100% Katoen 
39 Wayward Son  Kansas  Made4Made
40 Piano Man   Billy Joel Deep White 
41 Call Me          Blondie  Prime
42 Shallow              Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper  The Billy’s
43 Don’t You Forget About Me  Simple Minds 100% Katoen 
44 Reelin’ In The Years  Steely Dan   Made4Made
45 Bed Of Roses  Bon Jovi Deep White 
46 Phantom Of The Opera   Nightwish  Prime
47 Whiskey In The Jar   Thin Lizzy  Present danger
48 Wuthering Heights Kate Bush  The Billy’s
49 Killing In The Name   Rage against The Machine 100% Katoen 
50 Nooduitgang  Het Goede Doel  Made4Made
51 The Final Countdown   Europe Deep White 
52 Jump           Van Halen  Prime
53 Hotel California        Eagles  The Billy’s
54 Another Brick In The Wall  Pink Floyd  100% Katoen 
55 Layla   Derek And The Dominos  Made4Made
56 You Give Love A Bad Name   Bon Jovi Deep White 
57 Uprising            Muse  The Billy’s
58 Iedereen Is Van De Wereld  The Scene 100% Katoen 
59 Run To The Hills  Iron Maiden  Made4Made
60 Alone        Heart Deep White 
61 Élan            Nightwish  Prime
62 The River  Bruce Springsteen. The Billy’s
63 Pretender Foo Fighters 100% Katoen 
64 Highway To Hell  AC/DC  Made4Made
65 Cold As Ice   Foreigner   Deep White 
66 Pastorale         Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List  Prime
67 Living On A Prayer       Bon Jovi  The Billy’s
68 Land Of Confusion   Genesis 100% Katoen 
69 It’s Only Love  Bryan Adams & Tina Turner  Made4Made
70 Don’t Look Back  Boston    Deep White 
71 Raise Your Glass      Pink  Prime
72 Lola Montez          Volbeat  The Billy’s
73 Poison   Alice Cooper   100% Katoen 
74 Kill The King  Rainbow Made4Made
75 Kyrie  Mr. Mister   Deep White 
76 Hedonism         Skunk Anansie  Prime
77 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough   Manic Street Preachers & Nina Persson  The Billy’s
78 Reflex  Duran Duran   100% Katoen 
79 Davy’s On The Road Again   Manfred Mann’s Earth Band  Made4Made
80 Is This Love    Whitesnake Deep White 
81 Open Your Eyes     Guano Apes  Prime
82 Somebody To Love   Queen  The Billy’s
83 Sex On Fire  Kings of Leon 100% Katoen 
84 Crazy Horses  The Osmonds  Made4Made
85 Keep On Lovin’ You  REO Speedwagon Deep White 
86 Me And My Bobby McGee  Janis Joplin  Prime
87 De Bom   Doe Maar  The Billy’s
88 Alive   Pearl Jam 100% Katoen 
89 No More Tears  Ozzy Osbourne  Made4Made
90 Paranoid   Black Sabbath Deep White 
91 Zombie          The Cranberries  Prime
92 Papillon        The Editors The Billy’s
93 Where The Streets Have No Name  U2 100% Katoen 
94 Why Can’t This Be Love  Van Halen  Made4Made
95 Holy Diver    Dio   Deep White 
96 You Oughta’ Know     Alanis Morisette  Prime
97 Tie Your Mother Down   Queen  The Billy’s
98 Seven Nation Army   White Stripes 100% Katoen 
99 Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf Deep White 
100 Like The Way I Do     Melissa Etheridge  Prime